Print And Cut Problem With Double Sided Engraving/Cutting

I have been attempting to try and do double sided engraving an array of items then cut them out but for some reason the middle of the project is skewed and i can’t figure out why. I am running a Ruida 6442x controller and don’t have any issues engraving or cutting and have never tried the print and cut feature until now.

here is what i have done so far with no luck.

recalibrated both x/y so that they are repeatable within .01mm

Testing I setup my job with 4 objects evenly spaced across in a row then 2 registration points.

I then engraved the front side which cut the registration points then I turn over the project and align the laser to be centered on the first point using the laser control panel on the laser because my computer is about 30ft away. I opened the print and cut wizard then select the first point in lightburn and click the set first point button. I then click on the second registration point in lightburn and use the jog to position button in the wizard and fine tune the location with the laser control panel and used the pulse to center it on the second registration point then in the wizard select the set second point in light burn and choosing not scaled (have also tried scaled but same results).

here you can see my final cuts which i can’t figure out why it is doing this.

Thanks, any help is appreciated.

I figured out my issue.
I assumed that if I select all the objects then the outside frame and selected the Distribute H-Spaced it would space all the objects evenly between the outside frame but it did not. I admit was expecting it to work kind of like the vectric aspire program but that is what i get for assuming :anguished:

Now once I actually learned how to space the objects evenly the print and cut works as I expected and all is good.

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