Print and Cut with image inverted?

I have a Thunder Nova 35/80. The svg fits on the bed easily width but it is about 5-6 in too long. I would like to use Print and Cut to make it work. Am I able to do this:

Laser the top part of the svg using the pass through door. Then turn the material 180 degrees and put the bottom part of the material in the bed and laser the rest of the svg? I want to do it this way as I can’t use the back door of the pass through, just the front. Hope they makes sense. Thank you for any help.

I haven’t tried this on mine so I haven’t walked through the workflow but I really should get around to it.

I would follow the print and cut video and put the targets half way down the height of the image and split the image the way it’s shown in Print and Cut.

I would make both files.

I would rotate everything in the second file (along with it’s targets) 180 degrees so the whole second file is rotated - this way the targets are at the bottom of the image on the screen and on your board when you rotate the board 180 degrees and put it back into the machine.

You shouldn’t need to swap the first and second target because everything was rotated. Left is left and right is right because the rotate describes the second step, the target location and the work piece.

I would of course practice on scrap first.

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