Print option missing

when i go into the file tab, my print option is missing? i go into my other computer that has LB and it shows up?
any thoughts

Are you on the same version of LB for both? Are both computers running the same OS?

Both same os. Lb versions I’m not sure. The one with no print is 0.9.20. Says license valid but expired.

It seems the ability to Print designs was added in 0.9.21 according to the release notes for that version:

  • Added ability to print designs from LightBurn (need to add option to send processed images)

I’d suggest checking the license portal to see the latest version that your license is eligible to update to and install that version.

You will need to purchase the Renewal to continue to have access to our latest works. We explain How the License Works in the following to assist in understanding. :slight_smile:

That worked. Thank you!!

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