Printed matter does not look the same when engraved

I can not figure out how to make the engraved symbol look like the printed one. The engraved lines are not filled in like the printed ones. Here are pictures of my information.I have a Chinese 15W 450mm using GRBL1.1h.

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Welcome Debra, Not sure if because this is your first post the images didn’t show up or if maybe they were not attached properly? Just reading what you are saying though, first and most basic thought i have is, are you using line instead of fill in the cut mode? Also, how does the preview look before running the file to your laser?

It shows up as an image file. Sorry I had to edit my post and I believe the pictures showed up.

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Can you try running a fill of a simple square with overscan enabled? I’m guessing you have a loose belt or some slack that’s causing the double lines.

If you disable the ‘Bi-directional scanning’ switch and it looks right, that’s the problem.


ok i see… Hmm. What about tracing the image when you bring it into lightburn (tools> trace image) Then set as a fill in the cut window and then preview it? Actually, heres the file, see if this works.trace test.lbrn (231.4 KB)

Image or filled vectors would behave the same way if it’s a physical issue with your machine.

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The square looked good. I am trying the test trace Mrrick386 sent and it working also. I slowed it down and it’s taking a while.On many things that I have tried to make the trace tool doesn’t come up. It’s greyed out. Why would that be?

The trace option is only given if the current selection is a picture and nothing else (and it can’t be in a group).

Thank you. So do you trace them individually?

“Them”? I don’t understand. The file you posted already has everything traced.

Thank you. That’s amazing. I have been trying for a week to get this done. It worked but the finished product is a bit light on the left. Would you know why?

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Check to make sure that the board was level with the X axis rail - diode machines are pretty sensitive to focus, so if the board sat at a slight angle that could be enough to lighten one side.

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