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Hi all … I can’t seem to find this in the history …

Can I print a hard copy proof from a LightBurn file to my laser printer to give to a customer to check?


At the bottom of the Image Preview window there is a “Save Image” button that will save the preview as a PNG or JPG image.

Image Preview button

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Thanks Allen. Is there a way to save the image without the burn marks? So that words/images/artwork can be viewed (almost as a final product)?

When you use that preview it will just be black. Just save it and show it to customer. I use it all the time.

Not sure I follow. Isn’t that what a laser does? :wink:

If you turn off ‘Show traversal moves’, that will remove the red lines if that is what you are describing.

The preview is not a realistic rendering like you get in Vectric products (or Fusion 360). It just shows where the laser will cut or raster engrave in black. If you include the outline of the object you are engraving it will allow the customer to view the positioning of all the elements and the spelling of everything for approval.

This is the proof I sent a customer yesterday for a cutting board she ordered.

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Yes turn that off and save the image. There’s no way to show a finished design if that’s what you’re wanting.

Show us an example of what you are describing please. What are you envisioning?

I think he is looking for something like this

Ah - then no, LightBurn does not provide such a preview. You can sign up and suggest from our voting site here:

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That’s exactly what I’m after! Thanks Allen

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Ah that helps, thanks

Yes, as Rick mentioned, turning off the traversals will show the content mostly right. If you have an image that’s dithered, it’s going to be too dark, simply because the resolution of the image won’t be high enough to show the dither well (zoom in and it looks better), but otherwise it should serve the purpose.