Probably wrong category - wood upright literature holders?

Friend has a booth in an antique mall. Wants me to make 2 standup literature holders, one for 8.5x6 and one for 4.5x11. I’ve looked at and can’t find a design close enough that I can modify, and ‘do it yourself’ in inkscape or lightburn is beyond me. Has anyone done such a thing? might give some advice or have a file?
Please move this to the correct category if I’m in the wrong place.
Thanks in advance

I’ve been building finger jointed boxes from scratch in Lightburn. I find it easier than making them in Inkscape because I find the weld/boolean tools easier to use.
With a little practice it goes pretty fast and I don’t much bother with anymore.

Can you show a drawing of the type of thing you want to make? Maybe someone will have suggestions on how to go about it.

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John, I’ve made a few, and found this site that makes a good box. This is my modem holder that was generated there.

Good luck…

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Another site with easy to use box making software is

Something like this, but to the dimensions I mentioned, and of 6mm ply so he can paint it the way he wants…

I had problems with that sites output. I went to so many before I found one that seemed to work properly I lost track. I applaud their efforts anyway…

I love, and I went there because I could swear that at some time I saw something like this there and said “hey cool!”… But I’m just not a 3D thinker when it comes to this stuff, and none of the sites have a lot of customization capability.
Thanks for the advice though. I might have to buy a file or something…sigh

There’s lots of videos on how to make them yourself.

Good luck :slight_smile:

No time, but thanks!
Hey @Hank forgot to tag you when I posted the picture.

That looks simple to make from scratch. Just 3 sides and and a angled back, no problem at all to do that in Lightburn.
If you can’t find what you need at or one of the other sites folks have mentioned and you’re not interested in trying it yourself then… no advise.
If I had more time I’d draw it up and get you started but I suppose I’ve got enough little projects already.
I hope you come up with what you need.

I did build a somewhat related finger jointed item today. A sort of “spice rack” to hang on the front of my laser and hold lenses and misc. I’ll post it up when I’ve got some photos.

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Hank, what’s you lens tube design? I have three of them now, and am going to purchase a 4" lens, so it would be handy to put 4 of them somewhere nice… :slight_smile: That is, if you don’t mind sharing :slight_smile:

Cloudray “C” type. Accepts lenses from 1-1/2" to 4" FL.

Actually the ‘rack’… I have three ‘C’ type tubes now, a compound, 1.5" and 2" lens. Next tube will be for the 4" lens I haven’t ordered yet. Do you have one of the lightweight heads or does it mount on the stock machine?

The ‘rack’ would be a nice touch :slight_smile: