Problem after upgrade to 1.2

I have a CO2 driven by a Ruida RDC6445G. With a gantry and moveable table.

After the last upgrade, when i use auto focus (either on the controler or in lightburn) the table moves up, tests then moves down to focal point ( as it should ) then pauses for about a second, and goes down until it crashes ( actual crash, table hit base, bent limit switch and mount, jammed chains, the works )

Funny thing is, it still does it with the computer disconnected ( hence this being in hardware, not software) so I suspect something in the controller.
Ive tried every setting I can think of with no success.

Any ideas?

This is not a LightBurn setting - I suspect something is wrong with one of your limit switches. I would contact the maker of the laser to see if they have guidance for troubleshooting this.

I suspected limit switches too, after it smashed its way past the lower switch and stop. The weird thing is that it focues properly, pauses, then drops. If I hit stop, it stops, then I can press the Z up button till it stops, then work normaly until I next need to focus. Its like there is a ‘send the table to hell’ box that I accidentaly checked.

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