Problem and understanding frame on rotary(galvo)

Hello. Im trying to understand how to work with frame on a rotary. I read the manual, it says that the frame shows the segments into which the image will be divided. but in reality I don’t understand how the image is divided into parts and how to aim on the rings. The beginning and end of the text do not match the frame. Also i have a bug, sometimes frame is not working.

Test rotary frame.lbrn2 (11,8 КБ)

Framing for Galvo rotaries is based on the curvature of the surface of the object you’re working with, and not the user-defined splits (we’ll get the docs updated to reflect that) that your laser will use when engraving.

Since the red dot framing can reach almost the entire area of the surface your text will be engraved on, almost all of it is framed in one framing slice. It looks like just a tiny bit of the text is outside that single framing slice on either, which is why it looks like nothing is being framed. If you stretch the text out to take up a greater portion of the circumference of the ring, you’ll see more slices.

If you run a test job, does the text engrave in the correct location – almost all of it where that single framing slice shows it will be?

How to accuracy aiming on small rings? Because small text framing all and i cant correctly adjusting start position. For example in ezcad i can see where marking starts and where it is finished.
Thank you.

I’m not familiar with exactly how EZCad handles framing, but with LightBurn’s framing you are seeing the start and the finish with the start and end slices of the framing (even if there is very little there to be framed). If you run a test job, does the text engrave in the correct location?

An additional note – you’re seeing a warning about the scan angle you have your engraving set to. Because your rotary is set to the X axis, you should change the scan angle to 90 or 180 in the Cut Settings Editor.