Problem connecting to a new K40, does not connect on Mac or PC

Hi, I´m new in this “business”. I have a new K40 Laser engraver. Want to use it for engraving and cutting Paper, Metal, Leather. I do not like the software they have sendt with the Laser. Corel and Corel Laser. I found Lightburn and downloaded it 2 days ago for my macbook. Software works, but cannot connect to Lasermachine. I tried it on a PC with Windows 7, same Problem.

Can anyone help me? I do not want to work with corel laser…

Many Thanks - thomas

LightBurn does not work with the stock K40 controller. You would need to change it out for a C3D laserboard available from or a miniGerbil controller available from . Both controllers are drop in replacements for the K40 M2Nano controller that your K40 most likely came with. Once you do the controller swap, you would then be able to use LightBurn.

Many thanks for your answer, this was very helpful for me. Now I have to deceide which one I will order…

The Cohesion3D board is 4 axis meaning you can hook up a Z table and Rotary attachment to it natively, has high quality Trinamic stepper drivers for clean and quiet motion, and comes with its own power supply because the K40 Laser Power Supply cannot provide enough current to run it steadily. (the LPSU will still drive the tube though).

I think the main thing the C3D gives you is options to expand and simplicity.

(I am the creator of the C3D board - hi! - but bias aside I do still try to provide a neutral comparison and analysis)