Problem getting Laser to cut - Ruida


I am fairly a newbie to laser cutting

I have lighburn and i connect my laser via a usb cable.

Cleaned the lens
Cleaned the mirrors
I have done a laser dot test and that seem to work fine

When it comes to cutting with the laser its as if there is not enough power to cut and the speed is stuck at 200. I have a screenshot attached of the laser machine settings.

Cant get it to create more power and i am very stuck. Can anybody suggest how i can go forward

many thanks

I know you know what you want, however there is very little to go on here.

What are you trying to cut?

What Chinese laser, 40, 100, 200 1kW laser?

Did you ‘send’ it or ‘start’ it.

Has this ever worked before, like how ‘new’ is it?

The screenshot shows very little of the configuration of the Ruida…

I assume mm/s?


Hi Jack

I will try to give you my setup.

Cutting 3mm laser plywood

I connect my pc via a usb cable and I now SEND to Laser and manually find file and laser cut etc.


Manufacturer – N/A
Laser Power 80w
Machine Power 1500w
Working Area 600x900
MODEL LC6090 - Lc 6090 Laser Cutting Machine - Buy Laser Label Die Cutting Machine,Laser Cutting Machine Product on

Purchased under two years ago – works really well and has been upgraded to lightburn with new controller Ruida (I think that makes sense)

I have Smokeandmirrors install a new controller and has been working very well… it is only the last day or it has now not creating enough power to cut… I have to do two passes which I never had to do before.

I have checked mirrors and lens and they seem fine

Please see image for machine settings

I would really appreciate any help thank you


My 50 watt, cuts through 3mm ply easily.

The link to the machine works, but no photo of settings.

Do you have a mA meter to help determine if the tube is lasing?

Has the mA meter reading changed doing the same job as before?

I always start at the beginning. Post a photo of the beam where it goes into m1 (Mirror 1) so we can see how the beam power distribution looks. Not a ‘burnt’ hole, need to see how the beam… Hoping it’s not anything but TEM0

Since you claim it’s aligned, then this is the best starting place. When these tube start failing, sometimes it’s first noticed by your problem and it not resonating properly.

Good luck


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