Problem mitder Gravur (problem with the engraving)

Ich habe ein Problem, mein Laser graviert alles verkehrt herum, was muss ich da verstellen das er wieder das graviert was und wie ich es in Lightburn schreibe

I have a problem, my laser engraves everything upside down, what do I have to change so that it engraves what and how I write it in Lightburn

Save and close your LightBurn project.

Open the Device Settings window and change the origin from bottom to top or vice-versa. Do not switch the corner from left to right or you will have the new backwards image to enjoy. Make sure you click OK at the bottom when you close it so the settings persist.

Device Settings is under Edit - Device Settings.

Now re-open your LightBurn Project and confirm that the origin setting remained.

if it did, your origin should be correct, the jog arrows in the Move window should move the laser correctly, and your project should be right side up.

If you have to move the origin with the project file active, it will turn your project upside down to match what is currently produced.

You can flip or mirror your artwork with the Mirror selection tool - the triangle symbols on the top bar.

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