Problem on my Chinese laser


I have a problem with my China laser. Last week i hade issue with homing on my laser, i found out that x axis home switch dont work. To day i replace it with new and homing works perfect with couple of calibrations it works like new. For some reason im getting extra burn beside my x axis line and i dont know why.

Did any one hade same problem ??

Double lines are usually the cause of a bad tube, bad mirrors or possibly the beam hitting something. I recommend a quick test fire into wood before the first mirror. Post a close up photo of the burn pattern. It should look like the burn produced by a magnifying lens held under the sun.

Looks like a focus issue… None of the lines look focused. The left and right are larger that I would expect. The heavy burns are always on the top of the ‘fat’ lines. It helps to not use too much power, it obliterates the telltale ‘delicate’ effects on the material. The lowest amount of power allows you to see the most detail.

Ensure you are getting a TEM0 resonance at m1… then double check your beam path/optics. Be critical of your vertical alignment from m3 through the lens axes to the work.