Problem setting Rotary attachment for C02 laser

Hi Guys,
I’m in process of trying to setup a rotary attachment on my 700x500 Red and black laser and I’ve encountered a problem.
So I’ve disconnected Y axis and connected rotary attachment. The rollers move when i hit the up and down which as i understand is correct. I’ve then enabled rotary in lightburn and Y axis is selected in rotary axis and filled in all the relevent required information in regards to steps, job diameter etc. When i hit the test button however the X axis moves, not the rotary attachment (ie Y axis) .Anybody have an idea what i’ve done wrong?
Thanks in advance Cleeve Costin

It’s possible that your controller is configured to use U-axis for rotary. Try setting that in the Rotary Setup window and see if that works.

Note that it’s possible the test button and framing function may not work with U-axis.

Hi Thanks for replying to my question. Is this the set up window you mean? As i can’t see U axis in options. Or do you mean the actual Ruida Laser Controller?

Yes, but I forgot that U-axis is not a choice in that screen. I believe the controller will automatically control the U-axis if it’s configured that way.

Do you have a separate stepper driver for U-axis? If you use the U-axis controls on your panel, are you able to control the rotary?

From your original post it sounded like you were disconnecting the Y-stepper. If you have a dedicated U-axis driver make sure you’re plugging into that.

Ok. I’m working tonight, but i’ll check tomorrow morning and find out. Thank you :slight_smile:

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