Problem using roller for cylindrical engraving

I am having a problem engraving text on to a cylinder, it is coming out slanted

I have an Iklestar T2 with a 5w laser and an Atomstack R3.
text comes out fine on a flat surface see pic

The rotary has to be setup correctly so the controller/lightburn knows how to use it.

Another problem is that many objects will ‘slip’ so it loses it’s location.

Which is it?


It could be the setup, as I think slipping would show in the text spacing which is even, just skewed.
I am very new to using a rotary and the setup instructions are not very clear for both lightburn and the machines.

It looks to me as if something is setup at about 45 degrees to the X axis.

the 2 prints in the picture use the same settings 1 is right 1 isn’t and yes it is probably to do with setup, but I do not know what settings to change! and I am hopeing that someone here can let me know what to change rather than just stating the obvious.

We’d be happy to help, please post an image of your laser setup so we may take a look and advise.

these are the settings and specs