Problem using rotary

Rotary issue on 50w chinese laser with Ruida controller.

I followed the Myers Woodshop video setting it up.

Did the line test successfully.

Then did a 30mm x 30mm box to test out.

Test was successful.

But when i go to engrave my image, it comes up short on the Y axis. Image is supposed to be 107mm but ends up 95mm.

I even went as far as creating a box around the image with the exact same measurements and then only running the box to see if it comes out short.

It comes out perfect.

Then i run the image…and it ends up short. I have no idea what to do. :man_facepalming:t4:

If you are willing, post am image of the result, a screenshot of the ‘Preview’ window, along with the .LBRN file for this job, so we can see what you do. We can likely offer something to help you given that.