Problem with 40w laser in Lightburn

I replaced the 30w laser on my neje 2s max with the neje A40460 40w module. When I set power over 50% the machine shuts down and resets. This doesn’t happen with the neje software, laser operates normal. Any ideas? Thanks

If the voltage to the machines controller voltage drops significantly it will reset.

The driving software has no control on it shutting down and resetting…

Do you have a voltmeter that you can read the voltages?


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You pointed me in the right direction. Turns out the power supply is failing under a load. That makes me really happy! Easy fix. Also found it was happening in all software. Nothing wrong with Lightburn setup. Thanks.

Figured it to be a power issue. So I wasn’t worried about Lightburn causing the issue.

Have fun, take care…

You can mark this Solved, if that’s the case…


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