Problem with 9.24

have been having problems with cutter since down load of 9.24 is anyone having the same problem.

You ask if others have problems, no I have no problems.
If you want help with something, formulate your question in this direction of your current problem, feel free to use information about your machine, your controller, your OS and then the problem itself. If you further use the search function (top right) it could be that you find out if others also have or have had a problem that matches yours.

Not directly familiar with this “Gold Mark” cutter, in and of itself. By the way you have worded your post, I think it’s safe to assume, but should double-check…, you have successfully been using an older version of LightBurn?

If you would, please update your profile with the following information. :slight_smile:

Filling out your profile with your Machine Details:

When you sign up for the account on the forum, there should be a field to fill out what Machines you have. Please make sure you have this filled out and it is accurate with your Machines you have, and what Controllers and Firmware they run.

You can edit this by clicking on your profile icon in the top right (on desktop browser), clicking the gear icon in the menu that pops up, and going to the Profile tab.

And to assist us all, in providing the best possible responses…

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