Problem with app

Hi, there. I have a problem with app program doesnt defined border. I reinstalled program, but laser still doesnt want to work correct. Then laser head is moving its move only x, and doesn’t want move on Y. P. S. On standard program NEJE it work correct

It’s possible that a rotary device was enabled in LightBurn and it may have turned off the conventional Y-axis behavior.

Click Laser Tools in the top bar,
Click Rotary Tools,
In that window please ensure that the ‘Enable Rotary’ switch is off, left and dark red. Feel free to click it a few times to see how the switch action works but please select OK with the Enable Rotary switch in the off position.

Please confirm the switch state and test X & Y behavior.

Next, while working in LightBurn, and connected to the Neje device you should be able to read the Machine Settings into LightBurn.

Click Edit, then Machine Settings, then on the bottom of that window, click the Read button and retest your X and Y axis behavior.

If the Neje is still not behaving as expected open the Console window and request the Machine Settings directly by typing the following;
Then press enter.

Please copy and paste that report into a reply here.

We should be able to see if the reason is related to GRBL settings or not.

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Okay, as i understand

Its was first

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Do you have a Neje 1, 2, 2s, or 3? The message the Neje makes when it first connects is the most accurate truth. To help maintain accuracy, please copy and paste it into a reply here.

I am looking for the original GRBL settings for your device.
Neje may be using its own settings and a different language outside GRBL for its program.