Problem with Arrays

Hi… is anyone else having problems with working with grid array’s on 1.0.02? I created a grid array from a shape to create a template for cutting. The problem is that after I created the array I cannot select the entire array and can only select my original shape. Therefore I cannot move the entire array on my pallet or change any of the fill/line options or change the color/characteristics of the laser.

When you created the array, was ‘Create Virtual Array’ selected?


Wow… That was it! Thanks so much… had no idea that was even an option! Case Closed!

Your hearing this from a previously ‘injured’ virtual selection mistake :slight_smile:

It’s a relatively new option.

Take care


You can edit the Virtual Array (select and right-click), or flatten the virtual array, which will have each copy become ‘real’ shapes, ready to place on a different layer or change the cut settings for that individual shape.