Problem with deeper lines at the start of fill in plastic

Im doing a single pass. 600 dpi, fill and getting deeper lines at the start of the job. As you can see here Im filling in a pumpkin and both times i get the deeper lines in beginning and then normal. It doesnt always do this, and used to be a lot worse and I just changed the focus lens and mirrors out.

Im trying to get the smoothest setting possible there so shooting a little out of focus. But it was doing the same in focus or out.

Can you produce a 0.042mm dot with your laser?

What kind of controller do you have… some can do things others can’t…

If you can post your .lbrn2 file here, maybe that will help us…


Hey Jack. Sorry I got it figured out. My frankenstein project of a laser cutter had a unique issue with how my extra “air assist” was hitting from the front. I dont always use it and had too with this to get a cleaner cut. I put a bar above it with fan blowing directly down and now smooth cuts with no real noticeable changes.