Problem with diode laser [ Sculpun S30 Pro Max ]

Hello ,
I’m having a problem with my laser, but I’m not entirely sure what’s going on.

I set up zero pieces, adjusted the focus, and started cutting my file.
When the piece was finished, I wanted to run another cutting pass because it was apparent that it didn’t fully cut through the 4mm plywood. Initially, I performed a frame option just to double-check everything, but unfortunately, the entire file was offset by approximately 10mm, and I can’t seem to restore it to its original position.

I should mention that I didn’t remove the plywood from the honeycomb bed; it remained secured with pins.
I just wanted to run another pass, and that’s when this issue occurred.

How can I resolve this? Has anyone had a similar experience?

I’m using absolute coordinates.

Yes, I had the problem too. When you home the laser head, the homing micros offset the starting point. There is an enter you can make to make sure the position after homing is 0,0. I am sorry but I don’t have this handy.

What I did do is go into the device setting and set the finishing position to x:390, y:30. This way when the job is complete, the laser head would move to the back and out of the way. ( I don’t have it set now because I am using the rotary. )


I’m not exactly sure why you set the end options to those coordinates x390, y30 ?

This is what my picture looks like


It moves the laser head to the back of the machine so that it isn’t in the way.

When you home your laser, you have it set to 0,0. Go to the move screen and “Get Position”. Does it actually show 0,0?


Should I leave that option on or not?

I mean on “return to finish position”

Yes when I click on get position it shows me x0 , y0

It’s your choice. I always had it go back to the home position on completion. I found out later that if I send it to the back of the cutting area, the gantry and laser head would be out of the way.

Look at it this way. When you home the laser, you could have some delay or a very small change of when the micro is tripped. Starting a new project would not be an issue. But if you need to repeat a cut or fill on the project you have just completed, that very small change in the home position could make this impossible.

However, if you send the head to a specific position other than 0,0, a repeat on the exact same piece would not be a problem.

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