Problem with Eleksmaker A3 Pro and LightBurn

LightBurn can’t find my laser so I have to set it up manuel, but it makes some strange things.
I tried to just write TEST, i’ve set the size to 10mm in height, but when I run framing it frames a area much bigger.
I’am new to LightBurn, so it might be a small thing, but any help is welcome

Do you use GERBIL-STM as a profile? I used that for my Eleksmaker. It’s been a long time since I’ve used this machine, but if no one else can help you, I’ll dig the machine out again and see what it says in my settings.

I have one of these machines, though I have upgraded much. I know the “Find my laser” never worked for me, I manually added it as a GRBL-M3 since mine runs 1.1e on the controller still. When you connect to the right COM port, in the console tab you should see the response from the controller with the GRBL version number., If it is 1.1e or earlier, then try the M3 controller settings.

I’m using the profile thats called GRBL in LightBurn. The GRBL version on the machine is Grbl 1.1h

The GRBL version on the machine is Grbl 1.1h

Does the machine otherwise behave normally, correct homing and correct x,y measurements?

It dosn’t have homing switches. The X and Y measurements is off to, if I set it to move 5mm it looks more like 5cm i real life.
I’ve just tried flashing Grbl v0,9i, and now it seems likge the problem is gone

…it is a drastic step. But if it has solved the problem, that’s fine.
I think my Eleksmaker is on grbl1.1 f, not quite sure.
I can highly recommend Endstops, it’s cheap and quickly installed.

The downgrading was just to test, it must be possible to make i work with the newer firmware.
I’m still pretty new to all of this, do you have a link to endstops that I can use?
It sounds like an upgrading that’s worth the money

I have seen limit switches with plugs and wires 6 pcs. for approx. 10 euros on amazon. Mine are 10 pcs for $3-4.
I clearly remember the first time the machine homed, even if it is banal to me, it was a step forward in my laser technique development.

I’ll give it a try, that could be a fun project, and a nice feature to have.
Just flashed 1.1f and thats misbehaving like the 1.1h

It’s not good.
There are actually quite a few entries here in the forum that deal with Eleksmaker machines, try searching for them (if you haven’t already) and here is a link that I have benefited a lot from, maybe it will help you too. Grbl v1.1 Configuration · gnea/grbl Wiki · GitHub

If you want to see my old settings, I will start the machine and read them out.

Thank you so much for all your help. I’ll try this link out and see if it can do the trick :slight_smile:


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