Problem with Jog movements crashing

I use lightburn and Openbuilds Control to jog/run gcodes on my machine. I have been for a while. I can jog to position with openbuilds Control all day and there is no issue. I can run a job with both lightburn and openbuilds and all movements are very accurate and have I have no issues. However, when I try to jog within the lightburn interface, it will move as expected (whatever I have it set to in distance text box) for a few moves. Randomly, I will click to jog for instance .25 inches and the machine will just continue going until it crashes or I hit the emergency stop button. It doesn’t make sense because most jog moves work correctly and the jobs are executed properly. What would be causing my issue?


If you enable “$J jogging” in Device Settings does this still happen?

Also, do you have soft limits ($20=1) enabled in GRBL settings?

I have jogging enabled in device settings. I have $20=0. But wouldn’t this. Be the same for both open builds and lightburn? Thanks for the help!

Jogging would be software specific I believe. But yes, $20 would be common. It’s likely Openbuilds is managing that on the application side.

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