Problem with neje master 2 s max

The laser stop a few times while engraving,I reach out to Neje ,(waiting),Have two lasers on each windows, connected one window on my ourtur laser ,then try to connect another window to my neje laser and it doesn’t start up,It took over a half hour to connect and this happen a few times before…Is it possible that Lightburn might be the reason that the laser stops during engraving, the Ortur laser works fine with the software,any help i would appreciate it ,Thanks

Do you experience this issue if you only have one LightBurn instance running and connected to Neje? As in Ortur is not connected at all…

If you still have this issue then very likely a Neje specific issue.

Have you looked through this troubleshooting guide from Neje?
Solution of NEJE 2S series devices stop working – NEJE (

Ortur did have a few issues with stopping during burn but recently only neje has the issues

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