Problem with new Cloudray focal lens?

Hey everyone. I just got this cloudray lens recently (a few weeks back), and a few days back i heard almost a crackling noise from the machine but couldnt pin point it. 80w Cloudray laser at about 10-15% power. I did a few other cuts and was ok. Then the second mirror bracket came loose and I had to readjust and reallign it. I did another cut and looked completely out of focus. Line is round but really thick. Not the very fine line it was doing before.

I opened it up to clean it and see it like this.

Is this an issue with the lens itself or something else I should be looking at? I never had issues with the older cheaper lens that was on the machine rated for 40w.

Do you see an actual ‘crack’ in the lens? I’ve had a couple do this it usually wipes off with a good cleaning.

I doubt it was caused by the previous beam path issue. It takes some heat to do this, like it wasn’t clean before it’s use or it’s dirty from debris from the cut.

Lenses like tubes and laser modules are consumable and you do ‘use’ them.

Will it clean up? Does it feel smooth after it’s clean?