Problem with new update

Hi, I updated yesterday but today when i tried to engrave champagne glasses it crashed 2 times(i ruined 2 glasses). The crash is that the timer besides ‘‘Busy’’ is counting but the percentage of the work stays where it stuck and also the laser is stuck. The only way to make the laser functioning again is to turn off and then on the board. Please i need some help as i can’t trust it anymore to ruin another glass. Thanks!!!

If this is an important production you have and if you have no confidence in the new version of LightBurn, downgrade again to the last version that works for you.

thanks. indeed that’s a solution but can we find what is wrong?

Another bug i found is that my speed is stuck to 6000mm/min. If i change it is ok, but if i change it and right click on Devices to reset the speed goes back to 6000.

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There are some issues with the new version as far as I have read here on the forum and I am 100% sure the LightBurn team is doing everything they can to loosen the knots.
It is also a very complex process with all the different laser machines and the 3 different operating systems that LightBurn supports.
At the same time, there are many (the vast majority) who do not have problems, myself included. Otherwise, I’m just been lucky not to use the features that others have issues with.
But “downgrading” is always a useful alternative for those who have money at stake.

I noticed that my rotary tool(chuck style) was very very hot during the engraving and maybe this is the reason it stopped but I’m not sure. Then i used another rotary tool I have(Roller style) and I made many many tests with no glass and everything was fine. Thanks God i managed to engrave the glasses for the marriage of my friends.
I don’t know if the stepper motor was the problem. Is it posssible a malfunctioning stepper motor to stop the job and stuck the job? Mystery!!!
I’ll keep an eye on it and let know.
The other bug I mentioned about not keeping the speed it just neeeds to restart lightburn to save the new speed.So if you put a new speed in the move tab and right click the device button it goes back to the old speed, but if you close and reopen lightburn it saves the new speed.

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