Problem with open line work in a scanned BMP or TIFF file

I scanned a set of images that were hand drawn and imported them into Lightburn as a BMP file. Using the Trace Image function I created vector images. When examined closely, the vector images are not closed; this is apparent when you use the Display Function. Is there a way in software to select the image and then have the line work closed.

It’s in the documentation. Menus - LightBurn Software Documentation

Try the same idea again, zoom into the problem area and use the adjustment tools to ensure the area you want is closed. You can also select ‘fade image’ to help you see the trace.

When you trace something, it’s not how you imagine it, especially because the pixels have different levels so the lines are not perfect.

If you use “Edit → select open shapes” you can see what isn’t closed and use the node editor to fix some issues. It’s much easier to do this with the trace function.

Good luck


Thanks all, I have managed a work around as you suggests.

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