Problem with opening, saving, exporting files

I am having the same problem with opening, saving, exporting files. Lightburn crashes as soon as the pop up window to save or open appears. I am looking for a fix. I am having problems on Lightburn 1.1.04 64 bit and windows 10 Pro. Lightburn 32 bit works as it should.

It’s my “Documents” file, it does have a fair amount of files. I don’t see a see a setting to change the default folder.

You’re using a Dell system, most likely with their damned backup tool installed. It includes a thumbnail preview plugin that uses the same framework as LightBurn, but a different version of it.

When Windows tries to load their thumbnail plugin, it attempts to use our copy of the framework, but since it’s a different version, the thumbnail plugin crashes and takes LightBurn with it. You can get around this with the following setting:


Thank you everyone for your replies. I changed file settings to “Use external Load/Save dialogs” and its working fine.

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