Problem with Print and Cut

I am having a problem with Print and Cut, I cannot get it to work on the Ortur LM2 Pro.
When I set both positions but it always shows an error saying there is Insufficient separation when they are well over 100 points apart that is most of the work area.

So no one else is having this problem ?

I have not run into it… so I can’t help. Mine were about 200mm apart on X but in line on Y

Thanks for the input, I may try to have my Crosshairs outside the work area but that is not an option if they are already on the edge of what I am working with.
I have a Basic Jig setup so I can burn Plant names to Ice-cream Sticks, the work pieces is 330 x 160 with the Crosshairs at the best place to help line them up, so they are as far apart as they can be.

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