problem with setting

Hello everyone! I have a problem with my ortur. The machine when the boot continues its path without stopping at homing, what could it be? It always worked well it was a sudden thing, I don’t wish I had accidentally touched something on the console.
also in the console when I try to move the laser these messages appear:

  • G-code movement target exceeds the machine stroke. Machine position securely maintained. The alarm could be unlocked.
    -Homing failed. The limit switch cannot be found within the search distance. Defined as 1.5 * max_travel in the search phases and 5 * pulloff in the detection phases.
    thank you for the help

It’s complaining that it could not home itself.

It could be a hardware issue or a change that you made in it’s configuration. If you didn’t make a change it’s more than likely a hardware failure. The switches, wiring or connectors are the most likely.

Something that has mechanical connections are the most likely culprits, connectors are next and easy to check. Try reseating them, that will usually cure it. Next are the switches, then the actual wiring.