Problème de Gravure floue (Fuzzy Engraving Issue)

J ai un problème de gravure floue augmenté avec l augmentation de la vitesse.
Le monsieur de cloudray m a dit que je pouvais régler la vitesse du moteur dans lightburn mais je ne sais pas où régler le paramètre ni quelle valeur y entrer
Merci de votre réponse

Good morning
I have a problem of blurred engraving increased with the increase in speed.
The mister from cloudray told me that I can adjust the motor speed in lightburn but I don’t know where to adjust the parameter or what value to enter into it
Thank you for your reply

The engrave speed setting is in the Cuts / Layers Window.

If it is not showing, click Window, and scroll down to select Cuts / Layers.

If the check mark is already there, the window is Active and may be on the screen or on a tab under another window.

In the Cuts / Layers window, double-click the layer that you would like to adjust.

You may find that the ‘blurr’ is caused by incorrect ‘Scanning Offset’
This page should translate reasonably well.

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