Problems downloading and running Lightburn on Catalina 10.15.6

Hi, I just got a Mira 9 and am trying to download Lightburn on my MacBook Pro running Catalina 10.15.6. I downloaded it and was able to open it but it won’t find my machine at all. Then the company I bought from suggested that I delete Lightburn and try again. So I did that but it doesn’t seem to be deleting all of it so I can start fresh and have my Mac treat it like a new program that I’m trying to download and run. Does anyone have a suggestion??

You do not need to delete and re-install. This is incorrect information. :slight_smile: How are you trying to connect? The ‘Find My Laser’ works over USB only. Please confirm which controller drives this Mira, I assume Ruida. If you are trying to connect via USB, you need to ensure you have the correct driver for communicating with your controller.

Thank you for the reply. I was using the USB connection to find my laser and it did not work. Unfortunately, I have no idea which controller drives my Mira. I don’t have an ethernet port on my Mac but could probably get an adapter for that. Ultimately I would like to resolve the driver issue if this enables me to wirelessly send jobs to the laser.

The Mira uses a Ruida controller. I wouldn’t advise sending jobs wirelessly - the Ethernet adapter is likely going to be the best option.

This post describes connecting a Ruida via Ethernet:

And this post goes over a new driver that seems to fix the port locking issue:

Thank you for the suggestions but they did not work.

We found and matched the IP adress with our Mira.

Tried different ports on the Mac

Installed ftdi 2.4.4 twice and rebooted. We did not get a May cause damage message like in the thread. Only had an error message for the Wacom pen software.

There was nothing to click allow in security and preferences.

Running Big Sur OS

Please advise what how to fix the frustration.

Does your support team schedule a session to take remote access to resolve issues at some point? That would be greatly appreciated

Thanks for your time.

Following the Rev suggestion

System information software extensions shows

Ftdi 2.4.4 is notarized yes loaded no

Nothing to allow like in the Rev post

Big Sur 11.1

Wasn’t sure if that extra info would help. Hoping it will for suggestions

Apple Thunderbolt to Ethernet adapter.

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