Problems getting decent quality images from new laser

Good afternoon from a reasonable newbie…

My first laser was a cheap combine CNC and laser Arduino 3018 thingies with a 2.5W laser. I’ve produced some great results from pictures on these using Lightburn.

I’ve recently got an Ortur Lasermaster 2 with 20W laser, and am struggling to replicate the same quality using this.

The $33 setting was originally set to to 250, so I have tried increasing it to 350 and to 1000 which has allowed some dithering/shading, but certainly not to the same quality as the el-cheapo unit.

Can anyone offer me any advice on what I am doing wrong, or if this unit is even capble of this

Thanks in davance

Is your focus ok… The 3018 has a moveable z axis so focus is easier to achieve.

I’m not familiar with the ortur (although also considering one as I too have the 3018)… What are your settings?

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