Problems operating elegoo phecda

I am using the lightburn free trial to work out any issues before buying it. Unfortunately, i keep running into issues preventing me from doing much:

  1. out of bounds errors
  2. homing errors
  3. i can do the framing test before running a project and it maps exactly where i would expect it to. However, when i run the actual burn, some time during the project the lazer is sent wild off in one or more directions to the point of grinding gears. I have to quickly hit stop.
    Even the test program while it does fine during the test printing the squares sends the laser flying off at the end of that. Help?

It could indicate that you are not set up your machine properly. The link I refer to is only one of many good documents that all new users should study to use Lightburn with their machines, it will save a lot of frustration.

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