Still having issues with laser power- i have a 10W laser and i have set all numbers to correspond (well all that i know) and i have not been able to post pictures to this forum… everytime i try to paste the whole thing freezes…

You can drag and drop the photo (and other file types) on the reply window or use the upload icondownload-icon-background on the tool bar.


Thank you… do you have any information that might help with laser power?

You don’t mention what problem you’re having.

A couple of obvious things though:

  1. You have S Value Max in Device Settings set to 250. It needs to match the value in $30 which is 1000. Change that. That will give you the full range of power for your laser.
  2. You have the device setup as GRBL-M3. Are you absolute certain you are running GRBL 1.1e or older? If not, this should be “GRBL”. Push Devices button in Laser window, then click on the name of the laser, then Edit. Change the device type to “GRBL”. You can Next through all the other choices assuming they are correct.

Sorry- I had posted some previous questions… laser will not cut it barely leaves a mark on the runs but burns hard on the corners. I’m hoping the information you gave will help. I am a true novice to this but am not having any luck… thank you

The first change I listed should address the max power issue. The second change I listed will allow you to have variable power to reduce scorching during deceleration/acceleration, basically a burn quality improvement.

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