Problems selecting lines

Does anyone else have issues where they cannot select a line? This happens all the time for me where I expect the line closest to the cursor to select when you click, but it selects a line further away.

(I could not find a way to attach a video, so I hope that works?)

Yes. It’s frustrating. And sometimes when I’m editing nodes and I have a part selected and go to select a node it will select some part that’s 5 times as far away as what I’m after.
i thought maybe it was just me.

What do you guys have set for the ‘Click Tolerance’ in the ‘Settings’ page?

5 for click selection, 10 for snap distance.

Might want to tighten that a bit and see if you get more predictive behavior. I have mine set to 3.0 and have not noticed this issue.

Will do. I think it was at 3 for a long time and I loosened it up some to make selecting stuff easier, but now that you can click anywhere inside a filled shape to select it I’ll try 3 again and report back.

It was the default, 5/10.

I changed to 3 and will test a bit. It seems a little harder to select objects now though from just quick testing. :frowning:

I wonder how it “scans” to find the closest line? It almost seems like its starting in the top left corner 5px away from the cursor and finding the first line it finds working inward. The expected action would be to start from the point of the cursor and work out/left from there.

It’s not “scanning” like you think - it runs through all shapes in the file, finds the closest line in the shape to where you clicked, and records that. It takes the closest of all of them and returns it (or, it’s supposed to).

It’s possible that it’s related to how your file is built, interacting with code we have to speed up the process. Can you send that file in to support so I can have a look?