Problems with bed depth for chuck rotary -- workarounds?

Unforeseen problem after installing a z-motor (but one that I perhaps should have seen).

The z-axis motor and mount take up enough space on the machine floor that now I don’t have room to lower the bed enough to use my large chuck rotary even for things like wine glasses ("Darn those first world problems, says my spouse:)

I’ve found having the z axis motor to be quite helpful for moving the bed in a bit between passes and don’t want to have to keep uninstalling and reinstalling it to use the chuck as it’s a pain to do and then requires subsequent adjustments.

Is it OK to remove the honeycomb bed and set a chuck laser on the slats to give just a bit more room? Is it OK to take out the bed and slats and stick a little table or props in there to get the chuck (or a taller item for engraving) in there at the right height? Has anyone done this successfully?

Or do I need to just get a different type of rotary. If so, what are options that might work. With the motor in there I have only about 6.8" of space in there between the top of the honeycomb bed and the tip of the laser head nozzle when the bed is as low as it can go.

Thanks for any advice.

I remove my honey comb all the time to do different things, but i also have a very thin (.005") piece of stainless steel under that for when i do so, as my Z table is wood and don’t want to mark it all up.

Send us a photo of what the bed looks like without the honey comb as we may have other ideas or suggestions.

I can’t remove the bed right at the moment – maybe after the weekend…
But my bed is like the one in this screenshot from a YouTube video:

It has the metal slats which appear to be removable – and then you can see down to the machine floor.
So my thought is that for smaller items I could put the rotary on the slats as the seem to be supporting weight anyway.
Or, for larger objects to find a table or other prop I could set the rotary on to get it to the correct height