Problems with consistency

So newbie here, and I have a 15w Blue diode laser. I ran this image all speed was 6,000 mm/min. The power was 35% for the text, 30% for the logo and 17.5% for R mark. It did the logo mark first and you can see it messed up the top of the oval but then the letters are not evenly burned and the edges are really dark. Is there a way to make it more even? The full is set to bi-directional.

I am a newbie but 6000 mm/ Min seems pretty fast. When you try to go too faster than your stepper motors are able to, they reduce the output power of the laser (that’s what I red here).
Maybe you should try it slower. I usually don’t go faster than 1100 mm/Min.
Also I see that the edges of the letters are darker. Try using Overscan.