Problems with engraving in words

Good evening everyone, my software has always worked well, recently I stopped receiving updates and my girlfriend’s software started having problems. She’s recording words in places where she shouldn’t record them. This only happens in some words or images. She closed the program and opened it again and the error appeared in other places. I see normal image on screen, but when go to preview apeers that is going to fill there. Thank you

What does the preview look like?

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If you can post the LB file?


The preview shows engraving in both sides. Where is suposed to be and inside, where is not.

Do a preview after putting the words in to a Cut/layer set to Line.

I’m willing to bet there is a duplicate line on a different layer causing the letters to fill. A screenshot of the layout and layers would help. Also if you could upload the LB file we can look and see what you see.


I’d be inclined to look for open internal shapes that don’t reverse the fill behavior.

I’ve seen a few font files that had overlapping shapes or open shapes that wouldn’t fill without some node editing.

This is the next step.


I was looking inside the “P” it looks like it’s burning twice.