Problems with engraving

I have a problem with calibration and from 200mm / s onwards there is a delay and it does not engrave well or is this the maximum engraving speed

it’s no wonder, the numbers are confusing LB, you can’t just have a smaller number in the middle.

if your machine already has 0.17mm at 20mm / s, something is wrong.

mine goes in 6 steps of 100 = 0.00 mm
200 = 0.05mm
300 = 0.10mm
400 = 0.15mm
500 = 0.20mm
600 = 0.25mm

when I had an engine without a driver directly on the control panel there were no problems then I put a more powerful engine and on the driver and now I’m late.
I am sending an image at 200mm / s without calibration

i fixed it because i was wrong but it is the same nothing has changed

even if I change the engraving only in one direction it shifts

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