Problems with 'FRAMEing" using Lightburn with an Annoy Tools laser

I just purchased an Annoy Tools 10 watt (output) laser. When I load an image and attempt to frame it, the laser moves around the perimeter of the image, but does not turn on the laser on low power as expected.
I can not find any information on line for Annoy Tools lasers, so I am wondering if anyone else has one, and if Lightburn is familiar with this unit. It uses GRBL version 1.1f.

3 things you need to do to get this to work:

  1. Enable the “Enable laser fire button” in Edit->Device Settings
  2. Set power level to around 0.3% for the fire button in Move window. Increase this as necessary until you see the light. Make sure you’re wearing eye protection.
  3. Hold shift key as you click frame.

That solved the problem.

Lots to learn!

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