Problems with Longer Ray5 10w communicating with Lightburn

My Longer Ray 5 10w was working fine on COM10 but all of a sudden I can no longer find COM10 and only COM4 is found and will not work

Some other program using the port?

Im not very tech savy but i dont think so. How do i find out?

Remove the cable. Open Windows device manager and check the COM port section. Then insert the cable and observe what changes.

Here’s what you can try: Lightburn might automatically choose the wrong port (COM4). Try setting it to COM10 manually in the program’s settings. If that doesn’t work, your computer might have forgotten the COM10 connection. Restart your computer and the laser to see if it re-recognizes it. If none of those work, there might be a driver issue. Search online for “Longer Ray5 10w CH340 driver” and install it to see if that fixes the communication problem.

This could be an issue with the USB cable you’re using — a new USB cable is a good step to try. We have additional guidance here: