Problems with MAC version of 1.1.06

I loaded all previous versions for the past 15 months on 2 Macbook Pros with no issues. Now with 1.0.06 both laptops are experiencing a lot of slowness while running Lightburn only. Ever action such as Preview, Start, Frame all take an extra second or two to actually process the command and start the action, anyone else seeing that?


Without having the necessary background, however, I think LightBurn “searches” for a connected laser machine to “configure” itself with the specific laser so that it can, for example, provide the correct processing times in the preview window.
When my macbook pro is connected to the laser I do not experience delays, but without the connection I also have a certain delay at start-up and at preview.

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i will evaluate for that scenario.
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nope thats not it, its now taking up to 90 seconds for the laser to start once I hit the start here button.

Ok, that’s clearly another problem.

Try downgrading to confirm that the issue is indeed with the version. Is it possible that the projects you’re working on now are the problem?

Alternatively, try loading an old known working project and see if you experience the same performance issues.

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