Problems with my laser master 2

Hello, I have had my laser master 2 for a month, I have only done small jobs, and for a week the problem began, in the middle of an engraving the work stopped and the wood was burning in the place where it was left, I did another test and the same happened. I thought it could be the computer so I uninstalled the software and reinstalled it, and the problem increased, since now when I turn on the laser to visualize the location, it immediately begins to burn, and it does not turn off with the order to the program but I must stop it with the reset button. And in the same way the laser stops in the middle of the works, in a test that I carried out I engraved a name several times in different locations on the plane, and in all these the laser stops in the same place in the drawing.I realized that since the problem began, after the failure a yellow led remains on both on the plate and next to the x-axis motor plug, which turns on as soon as the equipment is plugged in. that’s my problem, I appreciate any help.

I apologize for the writing, but I am from Chile and I do not speak English so I had to use the google translator to raise my problem Thanks you

I might suggust it time to reach out directly to the nice folks at Ortur. @OrturTech is the contact here and they have a site to help with troubleshooting here: Ortur Customer Support – Ortur Support Ticketing System