Problems with software (lightburn)

Hello. I’m just wondering what that could be? Why do the minutes still run even though the product is already finished and the percentages remain at 99%, the laser moves to home? Then I have to press the STOP button myself and press the home button again. Thank you for all your help. Tomaz

Have you added any commands to the start / end blocks for the GCode?

Hello. I always have the program set the same and with the same GCode or with the same product I can have it created several times and for example it will terminate normally 3x and the fourth time it shows this error, the sequence is not always so, I just gave an example. I’m also interested in how I set up engraving and cutting if I have the same product multiple pieces on my desktop, such as multiple pieces of pendants, and to make each pendant separately, engrave and cut it then go to the next. I tried different settings (picture attached).

Thanks. Tomaz

Which error?

Yes, but then this error appears as if the laser did not finish or finish. That despite the fact that it is placed at the home starting position then reports this error or does not finish in percent remains at 99% and the minutes continue.

Have you added anything to the start or end GCode blocks? (in Edit > Device Settings)

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