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First ! Thank you for your support . I have been using LB in earnest in the last 2 months after a repair to my 19x12 blue-white laser with a RD6445 controller, running W7,autocad 2007,corell x5 ( student- home) Its All working as needed. the specific questions I have -

  1. I FILE>OPEN> ( file is open in LB ) i make “X,Y,Z” change ( don’t like “z” change) I want to go back to “Y” change . QUESTION: where do I find a “BACK” - “UNDO” radio button to install in tool bar ? am I not seeing the “obvious”?
  2. FILE >OPEN> work on file, all OK , file save as LB file . file stays open , but I want to close that file and “open/create” a new project. - Seems that my only option is to close LB and relaunch the app.
  3. I need some different fonts some times are the fonts stored in LB or do they DLL link to the native windows or corel font .lib - where should I install “new fonts” for use in LB ?
    TIA for your help. Superior product .

I will answer in turn.

  1. You do not need to put or install the ‘Undo’ and ‘Redo’ into the toolbar as they are already there. You can also access via menu or use the hotkey, CTRL+Z (cmd+Z on mac).image

  2. You do not need to close LightBurn to open or create another file. After you save and are finished with the current file, you can use the menu system under ‘File’ to choose from a couple of ways to move to your next project. You have ‘New’ to create a new LightBurn file, ‘Recent Projects’ will present a list of your recently active files you might want to open again, and ‘Open’ allowing you to navigate your file system for existing files to open.

There are shortcuts and icons for this as well, hovering over things in LightBurn provides help bubbles that can remind you what a thing is and how to use it.

image image

  1. LightBurn uses your system fonts. If you want a new font to use in LightBurn, install the font using the tools provided by your Operating System.

Thanks Rick… I ABSOLUTLY did not “SEE” the undo/redo buttons !!! NOW I do !
Thank you again for your ansers!

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