Processing blow

I want to change my air assist to choose processing blow or laser on blow.

sorry but i don’t understand your question. What do you mean with


I am sorry for my English.

I want to do exactly this

The ‘Laser on Blow’ and ‘Processing Blow’ are not available via Lightburn, that I know of…

You’d have to load RDWorks, espcially if you are following a guide that specifies RDWorks.

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No, I’m using lightburn. I’m asking if this feature exists. What is strange? I don’t want the compressor to turn on and off in every different drawing in the cutting area, that’s all…

How do you have the ‘Wind’ and ‘Status’ wired up?

I have ‘Status’ wired to my fan and it enables low pressure.

When I ask for an Air Assist from a layer in Lightburn, ‘Wind’ goes low and pics the solenoid for high pressure.

I think you’re going to have to explain to us in more detail how it’s wired.

I understand you are following a setup thread that you posted, but it’s setup for RDWorks and not Lightburn.

That setting may not be available in Lightburn… I’ve never seen it that I recall.

I think you should try and load RDWorks and change it, as per the article. I don’t know if it’s available via the console.


Every layer in LB has the option to enable a solenoid pin for “WIND” (Air Assist), or not. The WIND pin will go active whenever that layer is running. It is a 24v-capable open collector pin, “active” is pulling it low.

There is also the STATUS pin that indicates it’s running. You can set up external logic that if the STATUS pin is enabled at all, it will open a solenoid allowing compressed air to flow through a flow regulator but the flow is minimal. WIND opens a second solenoid that bypasses the flow regulator and gives the normal full blast. That simple solution does mean STATUS also opens the path through the flow restrictor even when WIND is on, but that is of no consequence as WIND has already opened a much larger path that bypasses the flow restriction. Simple is best.

I think he’s talking about an option I’ve seen before that is only on RDWorks. He talks about it in the short video.

Screenshot from 2022-05-17 16-40-32


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