Program continually says it is out of range and will not run

On an Ortur, have a grid setup for table, but unit will not frame and it continually says that a G-code motion target exceeds machine travel

This subject comes up all the time.

Have a look here:

Same response I am getting exactly, my panel has parameters in each of the distance items, and still will not perform. I had this same problem sometime back, figured it out, but now…

What is your ‘Start From’ setting? If it’s not “Absolute Coords” (the default) it should be, and you should make sure that there aren’t any stray bits of your design going out of bounds.

No stray bits, have always used current position prior along with set origin.

That’s strange - Set Origin has no effect when using ‘Current Position’ - it only affects the ‘User Origin’ mode.

Read here: Coordinates and Job Origin - LightBurn Software Documentation