Program crashes when calibrating camera

I am trying to calibrate the new Lightburn 8mp camera. It takes me 4 or 5 tries to get each pic to work, and I can make it to the left side pic and then all of a sudden the program crashes and shuts down. I covered up all of the honeycomb, started the program with the camera plugged in, everything that I could find on my own. Nothing is working and I’ve spent hours both last night and tonight. I am running a new windows 10 OS based laptop.

Can you show the preview you’re seeing in the camera view?

Is there a reason you didn’t just use the preset calibration?

How do I do the preset calibration? Trust me, I’ll do anything before I throw the laptop across the garage lol
This is the first time that I’m setting the camera up.

The dot pattern looks like you just printed it, but haven’t stuck it to anything to make sure it’s flat (like, machine flat). I recommend gluing it to a piece of foamboard or MDF.

It’s too small in the camera view - It should fill roughly 1/3rd of the image horizontally and vertically.

When you first go to the calibration screen, there’s a drop down after you pick the camera, assuming that it matches a certain profile:

Omg I feel so stupid. Thanks! Got it working now

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