Program Crashing with Ortur Laser

I use a Dell 3 in 1 laptop, running windows 10 with a Ortur V3 i think. If I try to run a photo, the program crashes, and it tells you to let you guys know. how do I fix this? If I type or make a circle, the laser runs no problem. Any image i have tried made the program crash. PLEASE Help.

Thank you for reporting this. Investigating and will report back.

Please share the settings you are using for this image. Double-click the layer color in the ‘Cuts / Layers’ window to open the ‘Cut Settings Editor’. Grab a screenshot of that and post back please.

I see you have a very high, and to be candid, unrealistic Interval set for that Image Layer. Is this your typical setting when trying to produce an image? As set in the picture you posted, 0.010mm is 2540 DPI, which is beyond the capability of most laser systems. You should have been shown a warning, telling you this, and requiring an action from you. Were you presented with this message?

Either way, LightBurn should not crash. Thank you again for reporting this.

You may have inadvertently bumped the mouse wheel while over the ‘Interval’ setting, scrolling the number to its max for that control. We have seen that happen. We recently added a bunch of code that checks for conditions like this, but clearly, it still crashes sometimes. :slight_smile: Adjust the Interval setting to 0.100 and you should no longer see this crash.

This fixed my problems. Thank you so much for the fast and helpful help!

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